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Trail-A-Mate is a hydraulic jockey wheel and jack specifically designed for caravans trailers & boats. Trail-A-Mate is a revolutionary design which is easily fitted to most caravans and trailers using the supplied fittings. Being so easy to operate makes Trail-A-Mate ideal for anyone needing to take the stress and strain out of changing a wheel.

By removing the pin the wheel can be replaced by a baseplate and the easily adjustable clamp attached to the mail shaft. This then enables you to jack up your caravan or trailer with speed and ease. It's capable of lifting 1000kg and has an adjustable clamp that enables it to lift from a range of heights.

Trail-A-Mate jacks over 380mm which enables the problem wheel to be changed easily. This great device also doubles as a hydraulic jockey wheel by simply replacing the bottom flat foot with the supplied wheel attachment.

Key features:

Versatility - Easily converts from a jockey wheel to a jack
Ease of Use - Being hydraulic it takes very little effort to operate
Safety - Fully complies with the Australian mandatory safety standards

Your TRAIL-A-MATE- consists of:

-Hydraulic jack on shaft
-Lfting clamp
-Jockey Wheel
-Base plate with pin
-Lifting handle
-Brackets & bars
-Instruction booklet

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