Humble Lasagne Jaffle

18 Jul 2017

I feel like it’s a culinary sin but for years my son would only eat my lasagne between two slices of bread.

I should’ve known it would be a natural progression that ‘said’ sandwich would eventually be placed in the jaffle iron & put in the campfire……and voila. Not quite Gordon Ramsay but for those who have tried it, know what I’m talking about and for those who haven’t, well you need to jump on the bandwagon because it’s a tastebud party.


Butter two slices of bread and place one slice on jaffle iron. Cut lasagne into appropriate size (slightly smaller than bread size) and place on bread.

Cover with second slice and close jaffle iron.

For those who want to take it next level………use garlic butter on bread.

Now it’s a Lasagne Garlic Bread Jaffle!

Let the party in your mouth begin.

Some Jaffle iron tips
Pre-heat Jaffle iron.

Let the fire burn down to coals.

Flip it regularly

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