Important Considerations

Safe touring requires more than just a good driver. The type of tow vehicle you own, the recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer, as well as the size and weight of your Caravan will determine what’s required with regard to towing equipment. There are other items you should also consider before embarking on your first Caravanning adventure, to ensure you're ready to hit the road!

Tow Vehicle

Before towing, the most important consideration is to ensure that you’ve matched a suitable tow vehicle to your Caravan. Whilst we can assist with advice, it’s ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you’re complying with all road regulations when towing.

When selecting a tow vehicle, the most important considerations are:

  • The Towing Capacity of the vehicle must be equal to or higher than the ATM of the Caravan
  • The Ball weight capacity of the vehicle must be equal to or greater than the loaded Ball Weight of the Caravan
  • The Engine power of the vehicle must be suitable to tow the Caravan you have chosen

Electric Brakes

The brakes fitted to your Caravan will only work once you’ve installed an Electric Brake Controller to your vehicle. This device attaches to the dashboard of your vehicle and is activated by the stop light circuit. Its installation is virtually independent of the vehicle’s electrical circuit and has no conflict with car computers or ABS Braking Systems.

Installation takes approximately 2 hours by a skilled technician. It is a requirement by law that any trailer over the weight of 750kgs is fitted with brakes, therefore almost every Jayco RV is equipped with Electric Brakes. Brisbane Camperland can arrange for Electric Brakes to be installed to your vehicle. Ask your Sales Consultant for a quote to supply and install an Electric Brake Controller to your car.

To view our range of Electric Brake Controllers, click here.

Tow Bar

It is an Australian legal requirement that you have a suitably rated towbar fitted to your vehicle when towing. The towbar must have sufficient Towing and Ball Weight capacities to match your Caravan.  Your towbar must also be free from damage or defects, and should be replaced if it has been subjected to damage following an accident. In addition to a suitable towbar, you’ll also require a 12 Pin Plug fitted to your vehicle, which will provide power to the working lights of your Caravan.

12 Pin Plug -  Jayco RV's

Every new Jayco RV comes equipped from the factory with a 12 Pin Plug. It's essential that you have a 12 Pin Plug installed on your tow vehicle prior to taking delivery of your new RV. If circumstances prevent you from installing a 12 Pin Plug to your tow vehicle, you'll need to discuss suitable alternatives with your Sales Representative. The 12 Pin Plug supplies power to the following items:

  • Indicators
  • Brake Lights
  • Tail Lights
  • Electric Brakes - Requires installation of an Electric Brake Unit in tow vehicle
  • Fridge when travelling - Requires additonal wiring in tow vehicle
  • Al-ko ESC if fitted - Requires additonal wiring in tow vehicle

To download a copy of the latest 12 Pin Plug wiring diagram, click here.

Towing Mirrors & Reversing Cameras

It’s essential that you have sound vision whilst towing or reversing your Caravan. In many cases it’s also law that you have extended mirrors fitted to your vehicle. There are a wide variety of tow mirrors available to suit all different makes of vehicle. We prefer to inspect your vehicle prior to recommending suitable mirrors therefore, most customers wait until delivery day to purchase them. We carry a large range of tow mirrors in our RV Accessories store.

To assist when parking, reversing cameras are now standard on some models and an optional extra on others. Whilst they are a valuable aid to utilise when reversing into caravan parks or tight storage spaces, they are not a substitute for towing mirrors and should be used in conjunction with towing mirrors and a spotter when reversing.

To view our range of Towing Mirrors, click here.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is fitted as standard on some Jayco RV’s and available as an optional extra on others. ESC provides the driver and passengers of the tow vehicle, the added piece of mind, that if the Caravan develops sway whilst towing, the ESC system will automatically activate the Electric Brake system to stabilise the RV. Not only does it reduce sway, AL-KO ESC is a serious technology designed to keep you safe in critical towing situations.

Weight Distribution Devices

Weight Distribution devices assist in keeping your vehicle and Caravan level whilst towing. They also distribute the tow ball weight of your Caravan evenly across the axles of your tow vehicle and Caravan, resulting in considerably less bounce and sway being felt in the tow vehicle. In turn this provides a safer and more comfortable towing experience. There are various types of devices available as listed below:

Basic 2 or 4 bar Load Levelling devices are the most affordable, and are typically suited to RV’s with a static ball weight of up to 150kgs. These systems would be suitable for small Camper Trailers or Pop Top Caravans.

For larger Caravan’s with a static ball weight of 150kgs or more, we highly recommend the use of a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution System. The installation of a Hayman Reese system will also require a genuine Hayman Reese towbar with a 50mm removable tongue to be installed on your tow vehicle. Hayman Reese Hitches are available in a range of sizes to suit maximum ball weights of up to 350kgs. Ask your Sales Consultant to advise which hitch is most suitable for your RV.

To view our range of Weight Distribution Devices, click here.


Before hitting the road, it’s essential that you have insurance cover for your new RV. Brisbane Camperland are referring agents for CIL insurance and arranging cover for your new Jayco is as simple as a phone call on the day that you take delivery of your van. To receive an obligation free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact your Sales Consultant.

To learn more about CIL Insurance, click here.

*We receive a commission from CIL for referring you to them. A PDS is available by calling CIL on 1800 112 481. Please consider the PDS before deciding to purchase this product. Insurance issued by Vero Insurance Ltd ABN 48 005 297 807.

Starters Kits

We understand that choosing the right accessories to compliment your RV can be tricky, especially if you are new to the lifestyle. To make this easier for you, we’ve compiled our own RV Starter's kits, which contain the basic necessities that you'll need to get started on your first RV adventure. Choose from the Basic, Deluxe or Super Deluxe kit, available through our RV Accessories store.

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For more information regarding any of the information provided, phone one of our RV specialists on (07) 3917 5555.

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