Spacious and luxurious

Superior features

Shower and toilet. Full convenience kitchen. Spacious dining area. Double bed with orthopaedic design. With enough features to make living easy, your Jayco Caravan will mean never having to go home again. Because home will be wherever you’re parked. Our Euro Style aluminium framed furniture features protective curved extrusions for strength and elegance, positive cupboard catches to secure your valuables in transit, and cabinet fronts that are screwed into place not stapled!

Perfect for extended travel

Dreaming of long holidays or love the idea of an unlimited itinerary? Maybe you’re not sure if you’ll always have access to a caravan park or amenities. You need an RV that’s equipped for extended travel. One that can always handle whatever life blows your way - without compromising on comfort. You need a Jayco Caravan. Tyres are inflated with nitrogen - not everyday air - reducing fuel usage, tyre wear and the risk of blowouts, while also improving ride and handling.

Plenty of space and comfort

With all those wide-open spaces you’ll be exploring around our beautiful country, it’ll be nice to end the day in your wide-open RV. The Jayco Caravan excels in its spaciousness, both living and storage. If you’re looking for room to move, you’re looking at the right caravan. For years of comfort and support, our cushions are made from high resilience foam. Upholstery is treated with antimicrobacterial protection to inhibit mould, mildew and fungi, as well as dust mite protection.

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