Insuring your Caravan


The Jayco Platinum Insurance product is designed so you can specifically tailor your insurance needs to “cover your caravan” at home or permanently on-site in a commercial operated caravan park.

Jayco Platinum Caravan Insurance recognise that a caravan is often an owner’s most treasured asset and strive to provide the peace of mind that is sought from a total caravan insurance solution.

Jayco Platinum Caravan Insurance offer cover for you and your caravan with features and benefits most other caravan insurers just don’t provide.

The features and benefits of Jayco Platinum Caravan Insurance include;

  • 3 Years Replacement Cover
  • Automatic Contents cover $5,000
  • Lay-up: Premium discounts for the months you don't use your caravan
  • Flyover cover up to $2,000
  • Flood cover
  • Hail cover

To organise an Insurance Quote or Cover for your Caravan, please contact your Sales Consultant on (07) 3917 5555 or visit

The features and benefits as detailed in this document are not exhaustive and there are limitations and conditions that will apply which are detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). We ask that you read the Jayco Platinum Caravan Insurance PDS which is available by clicking on the link below.

*Please note that due to an underwriter change, policies sold prior to 16th July 2020 are subject to a different coverage and PDS

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