14 APR 2016

The versatile Dutch Oven will cook you up  a delicious dessert on the road too.



2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast

2 tbsp honey or 1 tbsp. granulated sugar

1 1/4 cups warm milk

4 tbsp butter, melted and cooled

2 large eggs

1 1/2 tsp salt

Approx 5 1/3 cups flour


6 tbsp butter, softened

1 1/2 cups light brown sugar

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 cup raisins

1 cup walnut or pecan pieces (optional)


1 tbsp butter (for greasing the dutch oven)

3 tbsp honey

1 cup powdered sugar


Dough: In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine yeast, 1/4 cup warm water and honey. Stand for 5 mins until bubbly. Add milk, butter, eggs, and salt. Gradually mix in 5 cups flour, then mix on medium-low speed until dough is smooth and elastic, about 10 mins; if dough is still sticky, add another tbsp. of flour. (You can also mix and knead the dough by hand.)

Put dough in an oiled mixing bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Let rise for 1 hr at room temp until double.

Punch down dough, knead on lightly floured surface. Roll into an even 12- by 24-in. rectangle.

Filling: Spread butter on dough. Combine brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and walnuts; sprinkle evenly over dough, leaving a 1 1/2-in. strip clear along the top long edge. Place in fridge till firm. Cut log up into slices.

Butter a 6-qt. dutch oven. Arrange slices cut side up in pot. Cover with lid and let rise in the sun until dough is puffy and holds a small impression when pressed, 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Meanwhile, prepare a fire.

Bake rolls until they're browned and a skewer inserted into bread comes out clean, 30 to 45 minutes. Remove pot from fire, uncover, and let cool about 15 minutes. Loosen rolls with a table knife. Mix honey and powdered sugar with 2 to 3 tsp. water; spread on top. Enjoy!

*Recipe and Pic courtesy of My Recipes


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